Carver Consulting

Over the years we have often had the experience of clients and prospective clients needing technical services on an ongoing basis where it is not practical to develop a proposal or to go through the whole cycle of hourly reporting, invoicing, etc. It seemed that a retainer might be the best way to handle these situations, so we put together this ON-CALL CONSULTANT PROGRAM.
Services and benefits would include:
• Telephone and email support for your staff
• Limited written technical opinions
• Drawing and specification interpretation
• One free fastener or component technical drawing per month and significant discounts on drawings from thereon
• Technical training and discussion sessions via Skype as availability permits
• Fastener testing and inspection*
• Torque-tension testing and recommendations*
• Development of prototype and application examples*
• Applications ideas and problem solving
• Development of written instructions for your orders to test labs, platers, heat treaters, etc.
• Sharing of my vast technical resources library
• Limited procedure and policy review, writing and development
• ISO Quality Management System consultation
• Significant discounts on hourly and daily rates for on-site visits, supplier and plant surveys, on-site training programs, major customer consultations, etc.
• Other specialized services based on your specific needs or those of your customers or suppliers
Each client’s needs are unique and often times will vary as their business grows and evolves. We are ready to support you at whatever stage your business is in. We have available competitively priced support packages that can be tailored to match your needs. today to discover what we can do for you.

*These services provided at no cost within the scope of our shop and lab. Other services would be additional.